Because of an air pollution, light pollution and massive building skylines, we hardly see the real starry night sky in the city, and I thought that we might lose our memory of stars and delicate emotion of stars. For this reason, I want to bring the starry night sky into a bedroom. The starry night sky is projected on a ceiling of bedroom. Users lie on a bed and interact with the projected night sky.

In my project, I want to make user interact with physical thing and the stars, so I used digital accelerometer to get X,Y and Z degree data. I put the accelerometer into a hairband that accelerometer can be placed on the user’s forehead. When users turn their head to right and left side while lying on a bed, the accelerometer sends X and Y degree data to my processing code.



When user’s forehead direction points one of the stars, lines of constellations are created. So users can explore various kinds of constellations in their bedroom.


BEDTIME STARS_vimeo link



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