Ezgi & Xing – Sound Necklace

In this project, we wanted to bring life and an additional usage to an accessory. This is a fun alternative to a regular necklace, with which you can make music. You can choose between six different pendants, add as many of them as you want to your necklace and make sounds by pressing the buttons on the pendants.


We used wave shield with arduino to create the sounds, which were wav files assigned to each button on the pendants.


We used 2k resistors in between the headers to which the pendants (with buttons on them) will be connected. We used one analog pin to get the data from the pins and made use of the different resistances to differentiate the data gathered from different buttons.


As our material, we decided to use fabric, which would be soft and feel natural to touch.

Here is the video of our outcome:

Ezgi Ucar & Xing Zhang


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