Sheep on the Beach by Alex, Denah, Joselyn and Lucy

Sheep on the Beach from Lucy Matchett on Vimeo.

Sheep on the Beach is an automated dance party exploring the ridiculous nature of technology and both it’s preposterous every day uses and wasteful obsolescence.

This experience was created using three stepper motors and three Arduinos and a lot of glue.

When connecting the Stepper Motor to the Arduino you must you a H-bridge transistor in order to protect your Arduino and computer as we are dealing with electromagnetic forces to power the motor.

One of the main difficulties we faced in putting this together was getting the motor to reverse. Ultimately we couldn’t get this to happen. We are aware that we need to switch the polarity after a rotation in order to do this, how ever after a lot of research and testing we were still unable to get this to work! If the internet doesn’t know one must conclude that it is impossible.

Check out our code here

Please refer to the Schematic below for how to set this up:
Please note that our Stepper Motor had only 5 output wires and we have noted which colours matched up with what.
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.31.26 PM IMG_3089

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