Distance Sensing with Arduino

Here is a simple example of using a Sharp IR Distance sensor with an RGB LED. It affects the red pin of the LED and modifies the color based on the distance your hand is from the sensor.

Distance Sensing with Arduino from niki selken on Vimeo.

int sensor = 0;
int sensor2 = 1;
int sensor3 = 2;
int value = 0;
int value1 = 0;
int value2 = 0;
int value3 = 0;

int red = 6;
int green = 5;
int blue = 3;

void setup () {
pinMode (red,OUTPUT);
pinMode (green,OUTPUT);
pinMode (blue,OUTPUT);


void loop (){

value = analogRead (sensor); //read value from the sensor
value = map(value, 0, 1023, 255, 0); //maps the two number scales
Serial.print(value); // print the reading from the variable window
delay (20);


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